Friday, September 19, 2014

Invite builder for The SmokeOut 16

So I guess after being one of the three winners in the Pro Class at this past SmokeOut Rally. We've been selected to be 1 of 4 invite builders for next years SmokeOut event! Plus, were gonna have another bike to show in the Pro Class, and will set up a booth..... should be fun!
Josh, Robbie, Brad, Jennifer and I are really excited about it! Plus there gonna feature a build up of the bike in The Horse Magazine every month up to the event....... 


Friday, September 12, 2014

The truth behind TBC!

The motorcycle side of what Josh Cipra and I got going, is stronger than ever and will continue to grow! Josh as been a great guy to work with, honest, straight forward and a no bullshitter! Josh is getting out of the Army in December and will be my partner on the bike side of the business! He's excited as well as I am, to know he'll be here full time. Just in this year alone we've shown people how quality and craftsmanship go hand and hand with the shop bikes we've popped out and the customers bikes we've worked on. We will continue to push ourselves to build the best handcrafted bikes like no other! 
    We've talked about a parts store, and we kinda got a small bit done. With Josh working full time, we plan on building a heavy hitters parts online store. Which we both have been discussing on all kinda of parts made right here in the shop..... And also bikes built from the ground up!
     Robbie Lynch is still painting and doing what he can do to help finish up the cars that have been sitting around the shop, with Josh lending a helping hand! Brad Tindall is still handling the manager duties of what it takes to make all this happen! Jennifer (My Loving Wife) is still the ring leader in supporting me in what I do! 
      So I (Tim) know I've kinda thrown everyone for a loop when I said I was going to build race cars only....... Well it's kinda true, because race cars is what I know best and many people have ask for me to go back full time! Because there tired of trying to fine a shop that can handle the quality of what I can put out!
   So I hope this clears up any thoughts you may have had about what's been going on in my head! My eyes are wide open more than ever and I'm amped to be back building race cars period! 
                           Tim Bradham

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The new bike line up

The TBC custom bike collection is growing. The newest edition is the 78 CB750 nicknamed "The Steven Project"

Sunday, August 31, 2014

"The Steven Project" Debut!

How "The Steven Project" gained life again:  A little over a year ago I saw a post about this CB750 for sale. When I contacted them, it ended up being a long time friend Dennis Robinson from Victory Glass Tinting. When I got there to look at the bike, Dennis told me the reason behind selling the bike. His older brother Steven had owned the bike for many years and had always wanted a Harley. Unfortunately, after getting the Harley his life was taken one afternoon while out riding.
After we talked for a bit, I ended up telling Dennis I'd build the bike with Steven in mind as a tribute to him. Dennis was pretty taken by it, and said it would mean a lot to him and the family. About a year in the making, we finished it and debuted the bike with the Robinson family at the Ton Up Bull City Rumble. The reaction from Dennis, walking up and setting his eyes on the bike for the first time, was priceless. After he stared at it for a bit, he finally looked around and saw me watching. After hugs, tears, and smiles, Steven's memory was reborn. 
As we sat back and watched the crowd of people looking at the bike, it was setting in that we had built a beautiful work of art. Looking back at the beginning of the build, I envisioned a Ducati, Isle of Man, and Porsche-inspired type of bike. I believe we did it!
Special Thanks......
The guys of TBC, Brad, Robbie, and Josh
My loving, supporting wife Jennifer
Dennis Robinson 
The Robinson Family
Miguel Flores (Moto-Tech Moto) for the parts

Saturday, July 5, 2014

J. Bell Photography Photo Shoot

The '89 Sportster belonging to Josh Cipra, and Tim Bradham's "Cracking" Triumph. Both bikes built in-house here at TBC with the quality & craftsmanship that we put into everything we do! Photos by Jennifer Bradham (J. Bell Photography). 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

SmokeOut 15 Top 3 Pro Class Winner

Started this transformation on this '89 Sportster last year, making the hard tail section and mounting the Cole Foster tank. Then Josh Cipra started working with me on the bike side of TBC! Josh took the same direction I was looking at going with the Sporty just putting his personal touch in it. Working together, giving each other praise on ideas, it all came down to the paint which Robbie Lynch handled! Josh always wished to win a plaque, trophy or something! Well, his wish came true! First time going to the SmokeOut event, we decided to put his bike in the Pro Build class which is pretty much professional shops! And it paid off, the bike ended up being picked top 3 of the class, which meant it was a winner!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Industrial Furniture"

A few years ago, my wife opened up her antique shop, Lodestone Art & Antiques which is right in front of my shop. We both like industrial and steampunk type furniture, so we started building our own line of furniture. Here's the latest, a handbuilt aluminum frame tig welded and a old vintage coke panel. If interested, hit me up